Denise + Jo

This was my 4th wedding I ever shot. The lessons I learned each time I shot were incredible. From small lighting techniques to small positioning of the couple. What a beautiful couple! 

D + R -1.jpg
D + R -3.jpg
D + R -10.jpg
D + R -2.jpg
D + R -5.jpg
D + R -8.jpg

Anja + Ryan

This wedding was three years ago and I was getting to co-shoot a wedding for my dear friend, Anja.  It was on the Oregon coast, in Manzanita. I remember the rain was pouring incredibly hard and sideways! The bridal party was incredibly adaptable as we embraced the rain and found a spot to do all the wedding portraits!  Here are a couple of images from the day! Beautiful couple and absolutely wonderful cake! :-) 


A + R -1.jpg
Can't tell it's raining can you?! :-) 

Can't tell it's raining can you?! :-) 

Look Back to Move Forward

I've had some really big personal changes go on in the past couple of years so I've backed off on photography to heal from those changes and to find out which career direction I should head towards.  The phrase, "Look back to move forward" has been in my mind all day today. After much thought I decided to pull out my old hard drives from the first weddings that I shot. Going through these has been incredible and remembering what it was like to shoot my first wedding has been a lot of fun! 

In the next couple of weeks you will see some of my work and stories from the very beginning! Stay tuned and take a moment to read what is below! :-)