Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park has been on my bucket list forever. Actually, every park that I haven't been to is on my list. My boss gave me a week off so I jumped in my Tacoma and took off on the 13 hour drive it took me to get from PDX to my cousins house in Kalispell. What a crazy and beautiful drive. I kept getting distracted by the massive mountain ranges and the huge lakes throughout the drive. Coeur D Alene definitely caught my eye and I'm not planning on going back to that area to check it out! But here are some of the images from Glacier! Enjoy and I hope you GO on an adventure soon! 

Getting lost

Today, I drove. Drove far out into the woods. Followed new roads. The radio turned off.  Moments of quite.  I had looked at a map and sorta new which direction I was headed in. The roads turned from pavement to gravel to that soft road which you aren't sure what it is anymore. I was driving in my truck so I said, "What the heck! I'll be fine" I kept driving, turned on a couple side roads and then remembering that I should probably be smart and remember which direction I turned. It was a left and then straight so It'll be a right on the way back. Smart I know. I purposely turned the radio off so I could have some mind alone time, which I had heard is where you can learn a lot about yourself.  Haha today, not much was going on to process. Most days I can't stop the ideas and opportunities from spinning me in circles.  I came to a junction and stopped. Looked up and saw the beautiful orange maple trees saying "hello" along the hillside. I stopped. Just looked at them for a second and grabbed my camera. Moments like these where you can just stop and admire the beauty of creation are powerful. They can revive the spirit. Revive the mind and get you kickstarted onto new ideas. The phrase, "Breath of fresh air" is completely correct with where I was at. So thankful for the opportunity to drive. I wanted to keep on driving and never turn around. New roads are an incredible reminder to me of new directions. One door closing and another opening. Change is hard, but good. It's a process.