Skogafoss, Iceland

This is one glorious waterfall! Strong and powerful...doing it's job perfectly. This is a hot spot for tourists to come too. Getting an image without a person in it took us walking out into the water.  Totally worth the wet socks. :-)

 LOVED this shot. I was going to set the 10 second timer, but a stranger walked up to me and asked if she could take it for me. She was awesome! Even wiped down my lens from the waterfall mist that came onto it. :D 

LOVED this shot. I was going to set the 10 second timer, but a stranger walked up to me and asked if she could take it for me. She was awesome! Even wiped down my lens from the waterfall mist that came onto it. :D 


Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara Iceland

Nature never ceases to amaze me. When we came upon this beach we all were in awe! It was incredible. The strength of the waves was amazing and powerful as they crashed upon the beach. This is known as one of the most dangerous beaches due to all the sneaker waves, but it's definitely worth checking out. 






Tamanawas Falls

This trek was absolutely beautiful. We were planning on snowshoeing into the falls, but the weather warmed up so there was no snow. But there was ICE! And a ton of it! :-) Thankfully, two out of the three of us had crampons (I was the guilty one who did not bring any) So Tarah graciously donated one to me...We made it up the 2 mile trek with no problems outside of slipping around a lot.  I highly recommend going on this hike each of the 4 seasons. There were amazing looking maples all around the end of the trail, which would make for a beautiful fall view.  

Hope you grab a friend or two and go out on this trail! 

 Crossing the river to get to Burger Island. :-) 

Crossing the river to get to Burger Island. :-) 




 Such a great view on the way up! 

Such a great view on the way up! 

The year is winding down

I can’t believe 2017 is a few weeks from ending. This year brought a lot of changes in my life. Stay tuned for an update on December 30th for an update of the year!  


Today! Is Tuesday! I encourage you to take out your camera or phone and take some photographs of this Christmas season. The time will pass by and soon you’ll forget what happened in December 2017. The years blur together, yet photos spark the memories we make.   

 This ornament stood out to me as I passed by the tree. Absolutely love the word Hope.  

This ornament stood out to me as I passed by the tree. Absolutely love the word Hope.  

An Adaptable Adventure

Last weekend, me and a few friends set out to find the PeChuck Lookout in the Table Rock Wilderness. Everyone was super excited to find it and camp out in the lookout. Unfortunately, our van couldn't make it up to the trail. We attempted, but almost got stuck and had to turn around. Our adventure turned into a hot springs adventure. 


Once the snow hit 6" deep we turned around and headed back.We made the call to go to Bagby Hot Springs. 


We got to Bagby Hot Springs around 9:00PM. We waited for two of our other adventurers to join us before we hiked up to the the Springs. When they arrived we put on our rain jackets and headed out to the springs. Unfortunately, the springs were in the worst state. Trash and vandalism was everywhere. Only 3 of the hot springs were open and already filled by people. All the other springs were torn apart by disrespectful people. Even an amazingly cool 1900s building was torn apart by people using it for firewood. This made us so sad. So we hiked out and hung out in the vans. Ate Cheez-its and then just passed out till morning. The photos above are from our morning walk around Bagby. The ones below are from our last part of the adventure to Austin Hot Springs. I don't recommend anyone actually going to Austin Hot Springs unless you are super careful. The water can reach 200 degrees at any moment...but we found carpet to sit on and just went in with our clothes on. :-) 

  LEAVE NO TRACE..... :( 


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.-
— Helen Keller

“I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us.”

—Ansel Adams

Cape Horn Lookout | Washougal, Washington

Fall is ending and winter is coming in. You can feel it in the crispy air. On days like this it's really easy to just curl up on the couch and watch movies, which is necessary at times! But, today was not one of those days. I received a text saying, "Want to go for a hike?" Of course, I said yes.  I found the hike on google for Cape Horn Lookout. It was relatively easy and not to far out from PDX. The wind was crazy and we had to be careful near the drop offs, but the views were incredible.  Head toward the Upper Trail if you want to do a longer loop hike. I totally recommend this hike, even on blustery days!  Enjoy the photos below! If you want to see some of the videos check out my Instagram page Sarah Eischen

If you need a good Mapping system check out Map My Hike

Miles = 6.51

Total Ascent = 1219.99

Elevation = 1,303.94 




The last two weeks have been tough. Been struggling with being sick and also being in denial that I was not feeling great. Trying to push harder and harder until I could barely get out of bed. I stopped everything that I was doing. I needed to slow down to heal up. That's exactly what I did not want to do, but sometimes our bodies say no even when our minds are willing. After coming off of the last two weeks I needed some inspiration. I noticed Chris Burkard had done a Ted talk so I listened to it. That led me to watching his film The Road to Inspiration. EXACTLY what I needed and maybe it's exactly what you need today! 


Texas | Fort Worth Stockyards

Took a quick trip to the great state of Texas this past weekend. Planned on doing a lot of photography, but ended up getting sick and had to take it easy. BUT that leaves me with the only option of going back to explore again someday!  After we got into Dallas we went to breakfast at  Yolk  It was extremely delicious! I got the pumpkin pancakes and cheesy grits. Very tasty and a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend hitting it up if you're in Dallas. 

After food, we went to the Fortworth Stockyards. I'm not sure I had ever seen a Texas Long horn before, but they were incredible creatures with horns the size of my height (5-11). At 11:30 and 1:30 the Texas Long horns fill the streets for bystanders to enjoy.  Little did we know that this weekend was a huge festival for the Cowboys in the area. This was the annual Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering, where cowboys come and set up their chuck wagons to do a cook off. Check out their website: Steagall Gathering 

It was quiet the experience and fun to see all the locals in town for the big event. They offered us food and information about Texas. 

There are 3 essentials you need if you are in Texas: 

Cowboy Hat

Texas Map 

Mexican Blanket 

Now that you've seen the images! Go explore and learn something new! 

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.
— John Wayne
First buy a cowboy hat and boots. Then you’re on your way to being a Texan.
— James A. Michener

Morning over Mount St. Helens

Morning over Mount St. Helens /// When the Flight Attendant gave me a hot cup of coffee and says, "I actually have to take that back when I walk back through the can't have open drinks while we land." You drink quick...

As I was attempting to drink my hot coffee I looked out the window and saw St. Helens....Trying to juggle my camera and coffee in one hand was a funny one on the tight little plane. The flight attendant came back way to quickly and took my half full cup of coffee. 😥Thankful I took a few shots, because my goodness this is a glorious mountain.


Joseph, Oregon

Did a whirlwind of a trip out to the Stanley Hot Springs in Idaho.  It was a 5 mile hike up the 211 trail all the way to the remote hot springs. Incredibly worth it. This photo was near the end of our adventure at Wallowa Lake Park. We camped out in my Toyota truck, woke up to the color and ran outside to take photos of it. If it was a bit warmer I would've jumped in! :-) Next time. 



Smith Rock State Park

Words cannot express the beauty and majesty of Smith Rock State Park. I've lived in Oregon my entire life and have never stopped. This time. The destination was Smith. When we turned onto the Road near Smith, the gigantic rocks began to appear in the distance. My heart was so excited.  I knew this adventure would be worth it. The weather was perfect. Sunny with a few clouds.  

If you want to check out Smith here is a link:  Best Adventure INFO